Decades of experience in the design and construction of boat and villa docks, combined with an innovative approach to work and product development, enable excellent tools for dock building Our service model covers everything from villa docks – to floating bridges.

Quality, Durability and Convenience – To NC MARINE home port is easy and safe to enter in all weather conditions.

We offer a tailor-made approach to marina projects, where usability, comfort and convenience are optimized – We build marinas where it’s always nice to come!

The steel-structured swimming dock is a long-lasting and safe alternative as a swimming dock element. This allows for different integrations in the structures, optimizing service life and stress resistance.

NC Marine’s are are spectacular entities where ship-friendliness has been optimized for unintentional collisions and possible repairability is possible due to the steel structure in the event of damage.

Thanks to our design and construction method and comprehensive product range, it is possible to implement floating buildings for demanding projects and structures.

Steel floating bridges and light traffic lanes from steel tube pontoons. welded steel frame and fixed bolted joints between the elements, makes the structure a rigid whole and a user-friendly solution.

Our design and construction methods enable dynamic construction for dynamic engineering. The docks can be designed according to individual appearance, equipment and shape wishes.

Rti-Septi ™ suction unloading and fuel distribution point docks are the basic pillars of the infrastructure construction of a functioning port. NC Marine implements solutions for marina infrastructure and development with an innovative approach.