NC Marine – Nordic Crafted

NC Marine is a Finnish floating construction professional. The basis of our operations is strongly in Finland and the Nordic region. NC Marine is part of the RTi – Group behind it is Reittitiimi Oy , founded in 2002. More than 30 years of experience in marin engineering and continuous development work have made our company the leading supplier of steel pipe docks in the Nordic countries.

The founder of the company Tapio Sarkola has solid experience in the design and construction of docks and marinas. Tapio is worked e.g. in the design, maintenance and construction of canals and Marinas since 1985. Long experience in the field provides exceptional capabilities for the production of advanced floating solutions.

The starting point is quality products and quality service!

This is a question we repeatedly ask ourselves! It is also an issue that keeps us close to the basics, challenges us to develop our operations and is the starting point for sustainable choices.

“The country’s widest product range, identifying needs and meeting those needs is at our core, we believe that quality of service starts from those components.”

Riku Rautio, Project manager

In product design, we aim for an ecological approach. This means that in material choices, we favor renewableness and high life thinking in design work of structures is essential for sustainable development. In that competition, we will be able to be a market leader and vanguard!

When you think of floating structures, only your imagination is the limit. There are special solutions in many forms – floating saunas, floating boat sheds, floating stages, terraces, overpasses and much more. Kall of these have been done and in the future construction on the waterfront will continue and evolve – We at NC Marine are ready to meet all of these calls, quality and service first.

NC Marine – Nordic Crafted

Docks for Nordic Conditions!