With a customized grip, appreciating the conditions and uses.

NC Marine’s head office is in Tampere and sales poin in southern Finland. Start sourcing with a needs assessment.

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It is easy and safe to enter the NC MARINE home marina in all conditions, taking into account the convenience and conditions of use.
The design and construction work of home Marinas is based on solid experience, understanding and mapping the conditions, meeting the needs and ease of use are the cornerstones of a high-quality home marina. The optimal solution to the requirements of the circumstances must always be found, this is a guarantee of a cost-effective service. Finland’s largest collection of dock elements, enables the best solution for your destination. We offer a service where Quality, Durability and Ease of Use is a guarantee of the best dock solution tailored to your Home marina.


Our processes guarantee uncompromising quality for every project – handmade and sustainable construction in all its aspects. CRAFTSYSTEM – the quality and environmental system guides the entire service structure and is firmly part of the company’s cornerstone.


Sustainability is the starting point for everything we do, so that our products meet the conditions and that our products have a light carbon footprint. That’s why in all construction, we think about developing processes so that our piers are long-lasting and built using renewable energy.

Convenience of use

We build your site exactly based on plans. With us, the product has always been tailored to the conditions and dimensioned with the required grip, thus ensuring that the comfort of use of the dock meets the needs of use even in varying conditions.

Start sourcing with a needs assessment

You will get an accurate estimate of the type of dock that is right for your uses and conditions.