NC Marine’s floating buildings are constructed with floating elements from the RTi-Steel, RTi-HDPE or RTi-Concrete collection. The base of the customized floating structure is dimensioned taking into account the condition requirements, the requirements of the structure, the calculated service life and the load-bearing / stability dimensions .

“For example, the construction of a floating boat shed is possible with elements of the RTi – Steel collection. The steel floating base of the U – model forms a unified structure, thus the life cycle and functionality of the building is long – lasting, thanks to a rigid whole.”

Tapio Sarkola, RTi -Steel Design Services

The extensive experience of our design service in the field, dimensioning and stability calculation in applications, enables a customized grip. In this way, we guarantee that the product we offer always meets the needs and purposes of the application, so that the life cycle of a floating building is sustainable. Feel free to contact us our design , in all matters concerning floating buildings.