The first installations of spring are underway

Syväraumanlahti 6 near completion

The Dock season 2022 has opened

The first dock installations have started. In Rauma, the Syväraumanlahti is made with eight 12.5m RTi – HDPE 50 elements. The 100m long marina will soon be ready for boaters.

Set aside time for dock design

For the summer, there is plenty of time to get in touch with our sales service and design a summer project together with our designer. Call directly 040 138 90 40 or start purchasing a pier with the Needs Survey to get the best expert support for your project.

The country’s widest product range and versatile service model

Our range covers massive steel and concrete pontoon docks, as well lighter solutions. Regardless of the element and material solutions, the safety and comfort of the products have been optimized for the intended use. NC Marine’s comprehensive service offering enables berth solutions from cottage docks – all the way to floating solutions for light traffic.

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